Womens Wellness Workshop

Menopause & womans health focus for every woman over 30 years  

Sunday 18 October 2020 

0930 am  until 1pm 
Book a morning of self care & enjoy a supportive womans health yoga therapy workshop 

Are you hormonal ? Exhausted ? Stressed out Anxious ? need a rejuvenating restorative morning then womens wellness workshop is for you!

A very informative positive day to help you understand whats going on within your wonderful feminine body.

Learning about the magnificent menopause, peri post all stages., Allowing you to make empowering choices to help improve alleviate menopausal symptoms using yoga therapy techniques.

Workshop includes...

  • Step into your power with empowering yoga
  • Supportive restorative yoga.
  • Valuable nutritional advice & mood boosting tips.
  • Cup of healing ayurvedic womens tea 
  • Breathing, meditation techniques to help stress, anxiety or insomnia.
  • Deeply relaxing healing guided meditation yoga nidra.


Womens Health Yoga Therapy Ebooklet as a gift..... 


  • Womens health yoga sequence 
  • 5 Step natural lifestyle menopausal support plan
  • Top mood boosting & nutritional tips
  • Menopausal physical health 
  • Menopausal mental health  
  • Menopausal emotional health  
  • HRT question & answer GP guidance & knowledge

What the morning looks like ......

  • 0930- Welcome & Start with stepping into your own power within feel steadfast as we enjoy energising empowering yoga sequence together. Time to be you realise your inner magic & reclaim your true self.
  • 1030- Enjoy supportive restorative yoga poses to release pent up tension tightness & old stored emotion we dont need anymore. Our bigger muscles supported & held by bolsters blankets cushions to allow smaller muscles ligaments & tendons facia tissue to relax deeply & release.
  • 1115- Breathing & visualisation techniques to help calm mind improve anxiety stress & sleepless nights 
  • 1145- Cup of healing ayurvedic womens tea & talk about valuable nutritional advice & mood boosting tips.
  • 1215- Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) 45 min guided meditation switching whole body & mind from fight or flight to rest & restore. Rejuvenate whole body & mind on a cellular level deeply relaxing brain & CNS. Helping to heal body, calm mind & reenergise. Just 45mins yoga nidra scientifically proven to be 4 hours of restful sleep!!! 
  • 1pm - Questions & Goodbyes 

Equipment needed for session ...

Own yoga mat , Blanket or Bolster or Cushions, optional eye pillow or light scarf to cover eyes . Wear stretchy clothes to move & breath comfortable in.

 Own Cup & Pack lunch nibbles x

Book & create positive change for your health & wellbeing now
Please book online therapeutic-yoga.co.uk/shop
The morning costs £40

I will send details of day 1 week before once you have booked & confirmed your space


Book your self care now

Namaste X



Womens Wellness Workshop