Slow down your week, give yourself time to relax & breath ease away pent up emotions & tensions, feeling overwhelmed exhausted , managing menopausal symptoms re-balance in a safe calm environment & replenish & nourish whole body & mind & spirit. 

Do you feel anxiousness overwhelmed or exhausted Managing fibromyalgia , CF , MS or Menopausal this session will help to improve & balance your hormones & clear your mind & improve your symptoms.

Enjoy deeply relaxing restorative yoga Yoga Nidra, A Deeply Nourishing Relaxing practise switching you from fight or flight to rest & relax healing & improving your health & well being ❤️

Allow time for yourself to nurture & replenish from your busy life & loving yourself.

Book your weekly self care sessions £12 per session plus paypal fee 

restricted  people per sessions will give a personal 1-1 feel  

I do have sparemats, I will be washing & disinfecting all equipment used after each session Thank you for your support 

1045 Weekly Restorative Yoga