Magnificent Menopause Yoga Therapy Support Booklet 

Creating a personal practice of excercise, meditation & nutrition each day will create transformation in how you feel this booklet can help guide you. 


An informative positive booklet to help you understand whats going on with your mind body & emotions. 

Learning about the magnificent menopause , allowing you to make empowering choices to help improve &  help alleviate your menopausal symptoms using natural yoga therapy techniques.


The book includes ..

  • A supportive menopause yoga therapy practice designed for you 
  • Top mood boosting & nutritional tips
  • Step into Your Power Natural 5 Step Plan 
  • Manipura Chakra Qualities
  • Menopausal physical health
  • Menopausal mental health
  • Menopausal emotional health
  • Positive affirmation gift
  • HRT question & answer GP guidance

Lots of information & knowledge to help improve your physical mental & emotional health & wellbeing 

Make empowering choices to transition into the next stage of your life being your true beautiful powerful self.


Learn  more on the next Magnificent menopause yoga therapy workshop or please book a 1-1 with Diana for more detailed support & help specific to your personal needs.






Magnificent Menopause Yoga Therapy E Booklet