Diana uses her therapeutic yoga skills to lower anxiety & stress levels. Helping you to take back control of your life learning how to calm your mind to feel grounded, strong & confident. Strengthening your calming response & enjoying rebalancing stretches & relaxation mindfulness techniques

A friendly positive, grounding & Calming Class 60 mins everyone welcome 

Buy 5  X classes at £25.00 + £1 Paypal  Thank you for all your support 

Use anytime just join us on zoom online each week 

Mondays 6pm & Thursdays Therapeutic Yoga 1 hour classes 

Rebalancing mobilising through neck shoulders & spine & hips, improving back pain & soreness. Stretching out tensons held in our bodies from our busy day.

Connecting wth our breath & enjoying relaxing breath techniques to help lower stress & anxiety levels & enjoying visualisation & relaxation techniques to calm our minds restoring & rebalancing our whole body mind & energy all our entire systems being ready & focused for our week ahead. 

Zoom Weekly Therapeutic Online 5 X Classes £25

  • All classes & Events are non refundable 

    Its understandable life can be busy or circumstances change its ok to contact Diana Briggs & book onto the next available class or event & use your purchase if you cannot use for original class within a month of the purchase date. 

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