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Diana combines the traditional practices of yoga & mindfulness with modern evidence based scientific research. Passionately working with changing the perception of mental & physical health. Therapeutically helping clients to make positive choices to improve their health & well-being. Clients become empowered through the transformational benefits of there personal 1-1 yoga therapy sessions improving physical injuries to healing past traumas & improving health & well-being physically, mentally & emotionally.

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Therapeutic Classes & Services 

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Thursdays Weekly

Therapeutic Yoga Class 

0930 Via Zoom practice weekly a retorative self care class stretching & breathing mindfully, calming the mind whilst Feeling Comfortable & Safe in Your Own Home 


Womens Workshop

Sun 13th september 2020


The menopause explained & how you can improve your health & wellbeing. A workshop for every women of every stage of the menopause or life!

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Wednesdays Weekly Therapeutic Yoga Class 0930

A relaxing self care, meditative class

Breathing & stretching mindfully whilst focusing on being positive & calm.

The Retreat New Forest 

Wednesdays Weekly Restorative Yoga Class 1045 

Relax deeply & let go A slow meditative class of deep stretches & breathing & guided relaxation to replenish rest & restore

The Retreat New Forest

Yoga Therapy 1-1 personal session 

Take back control of your life & learn how to make empowering choices to improve your health & well being. 

Bookable at your home or my yoga space


Yoga Nidra in a Hammock Cocoon

Yoga nidra 1-1 guided meditation personal session

Stop anxiety & stress instantly 

A deeply relaxing & restorative experience for you  

Bookable online via zoom or my yoga space in hammock or comfortable supported floor 

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Loving Yourself  Is The Most Powerful way To Improve Your Own Health & Well being 

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Healing Yoga Nidra

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