Diana a professional yoga therapist working with people of all diversities & inclusions from schools colleges & universities Local Health Clubs & Care Homes & Communities & Dorset chamber of commerce & businesses globally.

Diana's reputation for healing through yoga is uniquely credible.

Working alongside occupational therapists, physiotherapists & homeopathic drs & GP referrals. 

Diana is recognized as knowledgeable and experienced in her ability to adapt yoga therapy practice with a deep adherence to safety & care. Healing on all levels physically emotionally & mentally using traditional yoga tools.

 Always respecting limitations, adapting to suit clients individual needs to help improve health & well being & enable clients to take back control of there lives.

Diana is a compassionate guide demonstrating ways to increase vitality, flexibility, strength and peace of mind through the various tools of yoga. Empowering people to make positive choices to improve their lives from physical injuries to past traumas or mental health management specific to their individual needs.

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